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I'm working on a part 4 of my Hunter and the angel. It started off as an Imagine and just kept going hopefully I can put the next part up this month =^_^=
    You glance around the area, your eyes land on a large tree near the waterfall. It's large roots sticking just out of the water you slowly walked over towards it the cool mist of the waterfall just touching your skin. You climbed onto the nearest large root just at the edge of the water and sat down right next to the trunk of the tree your feet touching the top of the water.

        You glanced over to see Castiel walking towards you his eyes never leaving yours. You could feel your face heating up and the urge to hide your face in your hair becoming stronger with each step he took. Castiel placed his foot on the root and started to unlace his shoes. "This place is really beautiful" you whispered as you ducked your head down to look at the almost crystal clear water you could see small fish swimming around and the rocks on the bottom. "Yes sometimes I come here to think. It's quiet and very few humans have even laid their eyes on this place."

        Castiel sat down beside you just a few inches away so your legs weren't touching. His feet went in the water as he was bigger then you. "So..." You were a little hesitant to say anything, you weren't sure what Castiel wanted to talk about and that worried you a little. You were hoping it had nothing to do with your drunk flirting, you still can't remember what you said and you probably didn't want to know.

       "Relax babysitter I just wanted to talk about us nothing too exciting" Castiel started kicking his feet lightly in the water your heart started to slow down and you let out a breath you didn't know you were holding. "What do you mean by us?"

       "Well I understand that we each care for one another. And I thought it would be nice to really get to know each other." Castiel reached over and lightly took your left hand in his "we have been around each other for half a year and yet I don't know a lot about you."

       "That's true I don't know much about you either pizza man, just what Dean and Sam like to tell me". Castiel gripped your hand a little tighter "please don't believe everything they know Dean well...enough to know..." You laughed interrupting what ever Castiel was trying to get out "Dean can be evil when he wants to be. It's alright Cas I take anything he says about you or even Sam with a large grain of salt."

        "I knew you were a smart one." Castiel whispered as he laced his fingers in yours, you glanced over through your mess of [h/c] hair and could see a small blush creep up on Castiel's face. You opened your mouth getting ready to say something but stopped short when Castiel looked over at you his bright blue eyes staring into you [e/c] eyes with such conviction that your heart felt like it had stopped.
        "I have a hard time explaining how I feel so please bare with me." You nodded as your heart started beating again "I have watched you these last two months, you being on my every thought when I was away from you. I was horribly distracted when you weren't in sight and it got even worse when the boys would take you out on hunts. I watched over you as much as I could and everyone you got hurt it felt like a hole was being ripped in my chest. I've never felt like this before and for the first few weeks it confused me but soon I realized I had actually fallen for you."

       Castiel looked down at your intertwined fingers and took a deep breath before continuing "It scared me how easy it was for me to think about you and how easy it was to get lost in those thoughts. Then you said all those things to me that night at the bar" you swallowed the lump those words caused "I know you don't remember but I also know that when people are drunk they usually say what they have hidden, their true feelings."

         "Cas?" He looked up at you his eyes soft and hopeful "even if I don't remember what I said I do know how I feel for you. Since the moment I met you I couldn't get you off my mind. My life has never been easy and it seems to get worse every year but since I met you and the boys my life has turned around. I actually smile and laugh, I hadn't done that since my family died. It's not perfect the boys and I argue like real siblings when we are on a hunt or just around each other too much. But your always there to help when we need you and it's a wonderful life to know I'm not alone."

       Castiel reached his free hand over and cupped your right cheek "you'll never be alone with me" he brought his lips down on your softly both of you closed your eyes as your lips met. The kiss was gentle almost comforting, when he pulled away you felt safe almost like the dark could never touch you as long as Castiel had a hold of your hand.

       Castiel released your hand and picked you up quicker then you thought possible. He scooted on the root taking over your spot right next to the trunk of the tree. He leaned his back against the tree putting a leg on each side or the root his toes still in the water. He set you on the root with your back against his chest and his arms wrapped around your waist keeping you flush against him. Castiel leaned his chin on your head as you brought your hands up running them along his strong arms. "Does this mean I have a guardian angel now?" You chuckled.

       "You could look at it that way if you so chose, or you could say you have a pizza man that happens to be an angel." You let out a small laugh and settled against his hold your eyes slowly started to close as you relaxed. As your eyes fully shut you could feel a peaceful unconsciousness creeping into you. Even though you had only woken up a couple hours before you felt so safe held in your angel's arms that you just couldn't help feeling sleepy. You fought to stay awake but it was a losing battle in this warm, quiet setting.

         Your last conscious thought was strange; you thought you felt feathers wrap around your arms and slowly block out the light that had tried to seep into your closed eyes. You didn't get a chance to think much of it as sleep took over. You didn't sleep long maybe an hour at most, when you woke up you were in the same spot you had fallen asleep in. Groaning as you forced your eyes open and brought your hands up to rub the sleep from them.

      "Why did you let me fall asleep?" You grumbled as you tried to stifle the yawn trying to escape "you looked so peaceful and you haven't slept well in weeks." You smirked at the last comment you handy slept well for the last 3 weeks. Since the last demonic possession case you went on by yourself. You refused to talk about what happened with anyone it had been a horrible case and you still had nightmares from time to time about it.

     "We should head back, the boys are probably wondering where you took me." Castiel unwrapped his arms from you as you scooted away from him back towards dry land. He followed suit grabbing shoes in one hand and taking yours in his other.

       You two were standing in the library back at the bunker, Dean and Sam were sitting at a table researching a new case from the look of all the books and the laptops. They both looked up at you, Dean's face lit up with a mischievous smirk. "So where did the two love birds run off to?" You gripped Castiel's hand a little tighter before you worked up the courage to say something. "Jealous Dean? I'm sorry but pizza man is all mine and where we went is our little secret."
     Dean's face fell, Sam tried to cover up a loud laugh with a cough causing Dean to glare at him "you told her! You told her about those fan girls didn't you!" Sam hunched over trying to hold in his laughter as his shoulders shook. Sam and you had talked about different things while out drinking or when you were just alone in the bunker he had become a close friend and you both enjoyed sharing old hunting tails, especially if they bothered Dean.

     You pulled Castiel out of the library and away from the boys. Dean's yells and Sam's laughter echoed through the whole bunker as you walked towards your room with Castiel in tow. You stopped in front of your door turning around and on top toes placed a kiss on Castiel's cheek. "Thank you for showing me your secret place." Castiel blushed a little, he nodded as you released his hand. You left him there as you opened your bedroom door and walked in. You leaned against your door as you closed it you heard Castiel's bare feet walk away from your room.


     You had been dating Castiel for 5 weeks when a large case had come up. It was supposed to be a simple salt and burn case but turned out to be three cases in one; you had dealt with the lady in white by burning her bones, a witch had caused the woman In white and was taken out with a bullet to the heart, the last part was a demon causing all of the chaos it took all three of you to finally exorcise it.
       When you had finally gotten back to the bunker the following day all three of you were dead on your feet. The only good thing about the whole case is no one got hexed and you all had only minor cuts and bruises so no need for medical treatment. You drug your feet straight to your room, you wanted to sleep for a month. You walked into your room and were surprised as soon as you closed the door you were pinned against it strong hands held your face as soft but demanding lips met yours. Your [e/c] eyes met the blue ones of your angel, worry and fear filled the blue pools in front of you.

      Castiel pulled his lips from yours leaving you almost breathless "Cas?" He didn't say anything as he looked you over, he let his hands slid from your face and down your arms. He took ahold of your hands and lightly pulled you towards your bed, you could see he had laid out your favorite comfortable bed cloths. He released your hands and picked them up handing them gently to you then in a woosh he was gone.              

     You were a little shocked at his reaction but you really wanted to change out of your hunting cloths. So as quickly as your slightly sore form would let you that's just what you did. As you climbed into your bed too tired to do much else another woosh and Castiel was standing beside your bed. He grabbed your covers and tucked you in placing a soft kiss on your head before you were out.

      You jumped awake not more then 30 minutes later your nightmare had returned and it had gotten worse. You were sitting up on your bed sweat pouring down your face and tears pooling in your eyes. You looked around your dark bedroom making sure you were safe you grabbed tight to your blankets and tried to calm yourself "Pizza man..." You whimpered and in a small woosh Castiel was standing at the foot of your bed. "Yes [y/n]..." He was by your side in an instant seeing your face twisted in fear.

      Castiel crouched down so he was eye level with you and touched the side of your face and you didn't hesitated you dove into his chest and grabbed his overcoat tightly. The nightmare all but forgotten as his warm strong arms wrapped around you. Castiel picked you up and sat down on the bed with his back on your headboard and you tightly wrapped up in his arms. Neither of you spoke you just sat there together, finally your body started to drift back off to sleep against Castiel's shoulder.

       Castiel watched you for awhile as you slept in his arms your face peaceful. He wanted to stay with you like this but he couldn't get your fear covered face out of his mind. You were one of the strongest hunters he knew then again he only really knew the three of you. So Castiel slowly climbed from the bed and placed you back in it, you whimpered a little. Castiel shrugged out of his overcoat and covered you in it and you settled back down. He looked down at you one more time before leaving.

    Your dreams now filled with the beautiful waterfall and Castiel your nightmare gone and your sleep peaceful. You awoke the next day to loud knocking and Sam's voice yelling through the door "get up now or Dean is going to eat everything!" You groan sitting up in the bed "coming" you started to bring your hand up to move your hair from your face when you noticed your blanket was an odd color and had sleeves. You realized quickly that the familiar overcoat of your angel was draped over you like a blanket. You smiled down at it he was horribly awkward when it came to your relationship most of the time but sometimes he just does the sweetest things.

      You climbed from the bed swinging the overcoat over your form and shoving your arms in the sleeves. It was big on you but it felt perfect as it touched your skin. You walked out of your room and straight to the kitchen. A smile plastered on your face as you say down at the table in your normal seat a plate full of scrambled eggs toast and some bacon your normal after hunt breakfast with the boys. Dean sat a crossed from you his fingers laced together under his chin, his elbows on either side of his empty plate. "So what's with the...creepy smile?"

       You brought your head up "what creepy smile?" You grabbed your fork and stabbed at the eggs "the one on your face right now and why do you have Castiel's jacket on?" Sam who had been grabbing his food at the time sat down beside you "you do have a weird grin on your face you could say your glowing!?" Dean's eyebrows jumped up "don't tell me you two finally...?!" He didn't finish but you knew what he was getting at "no! I mean we aren't....come on...why does it..." You could finish a sentence you looked between the two boys before panicking "pizza man!" A woosh echoed in the kitchen as soft hands touched each of your shoulders "is something the matter [y/n]?" You grabbed your plate "poof us somewhere!"

      In an instant you were back in your room your plate held in a death grip "care to explain?" You looked up at him a small amount of worry crept into his eyes, you shook your head before walking over to your bed and sitting down "just the boys being nosy." Castiel nodded "yes they seem to do that a lot with you lately." You started eating your breakfast "did you sleep well?" Castiel hadn't moved and was watching you curiously "yes thank you."

       "What had you so frightened?" You froze your fork in mid air "it's nothing really just old know the ones that never heal." Castiel cocked his head to the side "if you are injured I can..." You let out a loud sigh "not that kind of injury, you see the things we deal with every day right?" He nodded "sometimes those things never leave you and sometimes they infect your mind even when your asleep i.e. Nightmares."

       "Well you seemed to calm down when I am here do you want me to stay with you at night he?" You blushed you knew he meant it innocently but your mind because of Dean was so far in the cutter you doubted it would ever see the light of day again. "That um...would be..." You were failing English for a second time today you could figure out what to say that didn't sound creepy or over sexual now.  
            You both turned in the direction of the voice, Dean brought his beer up to his lips as he leaned against your door frame. A strange smirk on his face and a raised eyebrow in your direction. Your voice barely above a whisper as it came out "how long have you been there?"
        Dean chuckled at you as he lowered his beer "long enough" you turned your whole body towards Dean crossing your arms on your chest glaring at him as best as you could with your flustered face, you opened your mouth to start yelling at him for not knocking when large possessive arms wrapped around your waist causing an "eep" to escape your lips which in turn caused Dean to shake with laughter.                      
          "You shouldn't barge into people's rooms Dean" Castiel said flatly with a small touch of annoyance in his voice "you're one to talk" you whispered back at him; remembering the many times Castiel had popped into a room in the first month you had been here, causing you to let out a very girly scream and fall off what ever you were sitting on at the time or spill what ever you were holding. You still look over your shoulders when ever you hold a cup of coffee or hot chocolate afraid you would wear the burning liquid.
          Dean shrugged his shoulders as he stood there still sipping his beer "so I take it what ever [y/n] said at the bar; was something juicy and naughty to earn that type of glare from you Cas. Was I interrupting something good?"
         "As a matter of fact..." You held your arms up and waved them trying to stop what ever was going to come out of the angel's mouth "[y/n] you're so cute when your embarrassed" Dean chuckled at you; your arms dropped to your side and your head fell in defeat, there was no way for you to get out of this situation with your dignity intact.
           "You are making [y/n] uncomfortable Dean." You really wanted to crawl into a deep dark hole, even hell couldn't compare to what you were feeling right now. You felt exposed standing in the middle of your room with the Angel you had been craving holding you tight against his form and Dean staring at you two.  "Me making her uncomfortable, you're the one clinging to her."
          Castiel leaned his head down on your right shoulder "I don't think my little Hunter minds" his breathy voice caused a small shiver as it hit the side of your neck, Dean scoffed "your little Hunter?!" You wondered if your double barrel was still loaded under your bed and if it was true that rock salt wouldn't kill you. At this point you wanted to give it a try the embarrassment was getting too much.
        Castiel leaned against the side of your head and nuzzled against your neck causing your head to shoot up in surprise. "Yes my hunter, I am calling what's the word...?" You bit your bottom lip his voice husky and warm against your ear. "What's the word I'm looking for?" Castiel repeated this time right against your ear causing you to let out a small gasp of air just short of a moan.
          "Dibs" your voice rough and low as you tried to calm yourself "ah yes I call dibs. She is my hunter, and I have every right to touch her. Don't I Hunter?" You had never heard Castiel talk like this, possessiveness never seemed in his nature from the few months you had spent around him.
         You weren't complaining in the slightest, your body craved everything about him and the way he was acting now just amplified it. You ran your tongue along your lips without even noticing it your breathing slow and ridged, your whole body flushed as the words sunk in. Castiel; the blue eyed angel you have been aching for not only wanted you but wanted you all to himself "Hunter..." Castiel's nose rubbed the edge of your ear as his voice brought you back to the present. "Do you not want me to touch you?" His voice still as low and full of naughty promises but there was also a small edge of worry to it now.
            You brought your arms up and placed them lightly on Castiel's arms that were still wrapped around your waist. You looked over at Dean, you could see a small blush appearing on his face. You smirked as the thought of payback entered your head "Castiel I want you to touch me more, right now!" You groaned as you stared at Dean you took one of your hands and laced them in Castiel's. You brought it up your stomach slowly heading for your chest.
          "That's it I'm out!" Dean high tailed it out of your room slamming your door shut as he did. A triumphant laugh came from deep within you, hopefully that would teach Dean to always knock from now on. Your hand released Castiel's but his never moved as it sat right below your breast.
           Once you had finally calmed down from your victory you took a few deep relaxing breaths. Castiel tightens his grip around your waist, he pulled his other hand free and brought it up to the side of your neck pulling your still lightly damp [h/c] hair away from your neck. His lips meeting the now naked flesh causing a small moan from you, it turned quickly from a simple kiss to soft biting and sucking.
       After a couple minutes Castiel pulled away from your neck "there" was all he said he released his grip on you as you brought your hand up to your neck your hand rested on the spot his lips were just a moment before. You turned around and looked up at Castiel his blue eyes dark and lustful as he looked down at you. You brought your Lower lip in between your teeth again not sure what to do now, your mind filled with devilish ideas but you just couldn't push yourself to make the first move.
         Castiel closed his eyes for a couple seconds and started taking a few deep breaths, when his eyes finally opened they were back to the normal sweet blue you always loved "you should get some had a long hunt." You nodded letting your hand fall from your neck, you hadn't noticed it when you were against Castiel but you were really tired and still a little sore from your fight with the vamps.
        Castiel held his hand out towards you, there was no hesitation as you grabbed it, his large warm hands encircled your smaller one, he gently pulled you towards your bed. He helped you climb into bed and as soon as your head hit the pillow your eyes started to close, Castiel pulled your covers over you before placing a small kiss to the top of your head "goodnight my hunter" he whispered against your head "Goodnight my angel" you whispered as you drifted off to blissful sleep.
          You awoke the next morning to a loud knock on your door "I'm up" you groaned as you climbed from the bed dragging your feet on the floor towards your door. You cracked the door open just enough so you could leaned against it and look out. Dean was standing in front of you his hands in his Jean pockets looking down at the ground "breakfast" he grumbled at you before walking away never looking up from the floor. Dean always left waking you up to Sam as he was usually cooking breakfast for everyone so your Hunter instincts told you something was up. And that feeling forced adrenaline through your system and woke you up quicker then any coffee could have.
         You inched your way towards the kitchen ready for anything; demons, vampires, crazy Dean pranks. You had lived through a couple prank wars with the boys mostly because you started them when you were bored but they still sucked. So you couldn't take any chances, a strange smell filled your nose half way to the kitchen, it wasn't a foul smell but it definitely didn't make you hungry you couldn't quite put your finger on what it was.
          You looked towards the kitchen and a small amount of smoke came from it "by my father how do you people cook these things!" Castiel's voice echoed through the hall, now you understood the weird smell and the smoke: Castiel was cooking. You moved as quietly as you could towards the kitchen, your bare feet silent on the floor "come on Cas let me do this your going to..."
            "No I want to do this, I heard that women like their significant other to cook for them. Did you wake her?" You leaned against the wall by the entry way to the kitchen "Of course I did! And significant other you just started being together last night!" Dean growled back at him, you peered into the kitchen.
           The sight that greeted you caused a small giggle to rise in your throat. From where you stood you could see the back of Castiel in just his dress shirt rolled up to his elbows.  His overcoat and suit jacket draped over the back of one of the kitchen table chairs. Dean was standing beside Castiel and they both stood in front of the stove where all the smoke was coming from. You brought your hands up to your mouth to muffle the giggles that wanted to escape. "This is ridiculous move over!" Dean growled and pushed Castiel away from the stove, Castiel reluctantly leaned against the counter and watched as Dean tried to save whatever it was he had been cooking.
         The way he was standing you could see small burned spots on the front of Castiel's shirt. His face covered in what looked like soot, he reminded you of a child trying to make his parents breakfast but messing everything up. His cuteness as he stood there upset and pouting caused your feet to take you into the kitchen.
       Castiel looked up and his pouting face disappeared, he took long strides towards you "good morning my hunter" you smirked up at him "good morning my angel" Dean let out a loud groan "come on, your going to make me puke!" You turned towards Dean glaring at the back of his head "fine we won't call each other that" you turned back to Castiel he looked a little shocked "so how is my pizza man?"
        Castiel cocked his head at you before realizing what you were doing "better now that the babysitter is here" he grinned down at you before grabbing both of your hips and bringing you flush against him. You stretched up on your toes and placed a quick kiss on Castiel's lips. As you pulled away Dean let out a louder groan "come on that's not any better!" You ignored his outburst as Castiel leaned down and captured your lips In a demanding kiss, your arms grabbing the front of his shirt as you two lost yourselves in one another.
         Castiel ended the kiss a little too soon for your liking and as you reached up to bring the Angels soft lips back down to yours Sam came into the kitchen "good morn-" he stopped mid sentence and stared at you two. "Um what's going on in here?"
          "[y/n] and I have started Courting" you rolled your eyes "dating pizza man, we are dating." Dean groaned again "ah we are dating." Castiel's voice very matter of factually Sam looked between the two of you and then turned to looked at Dean "ok that explains that what's the smell and smoke about?"
        "Cas decided to try to cook for [y/n] and let's just say pancakes seem to be too hard for him." You glanced around Dean and could see two lumpy dark brown pancakes and the rest were a lumpy black mess. "I'm sorry babysitter I was trying to do something nice after your long hunt yesterday." Castiel looked so adorable with a pout on his face you couldn't help but smile up at him.
         "Oh god Sammy make them stop!" Dean cried you bit down on your lower lip trying to hold in the laughter Dean's outburst had caused. "Alright what's with the porno nicknames?" Sam grumbled as he walked over to the fridge and opened it pulling out the orange juice. "Dean didn't like us calling each other Hunter and Angel so now we are using these nicknames. I find them cute" you smirked at Sam as he grabbed a glass and poured his drink.
            "Well then this is your own fault Dean." Sam took a drink leaning against the counter "come on Sammy! Back me up here. I can't take anymore of this creepy cuteness, just look at them!" Dean motioned towards you two with large gestures You pulled yourself from Castiel's form "Dean you're an ass" you glared at him before walking past Castiel and towards one of the near by cabinets. You opened the cabinet that held the breakfast cereals, and pulled out your favorite. You set it down and turned back towards Castiel who had been watching you with a curious look on his face. "Pizza man this is my usually breakfast and it's pretty good. Plus you can't burn it." you wink at Castiel his cheeks turning a light shade of pink as you walk over to the fridge and pull out the milk.
          You make yourself a bowl of cereal before jumping on the counter and sitting beside Sam as he still leaned against it. Dean looked between you and Sam before muttering under his breath something about annoying Angels and spoiled girls, he started cleaning up the mess Castiel had made. "Hey [y/n] did you get hurt from last night's hunt?" You looked up at Sam who took another drink from his glass "nothing that Cas couldn't heal...why?"
        "Because you have a bruise on your neck"  Dean turned from the trash can and looked at you he rolled his eyes before turning back to his work "that's a hickey Sam." He grumbled your face heated up as you looked over at Castiel's face which was completely nutritional. You ducked your head back down to your cereal and continued eating, a few minutes passed in an awkward silence "Babysitter?" Your head came up to see Castiel watching you "yes pizza man" you whispered through the mouthful of cereal your face growing warm again thinking of the mark Castiel had left on your neck. It was hard for you to meet his eyes as Castiel  opened his mouth to say something "alright you can call each other the other names just stop using the porno names!"
          Dean's voice loud and full of annoyance causing you to bring your hand up to your mouth to stop from spitting cereal everywhere as a laugh came up in your throat. You swallowed your food as quickly as you could, Castiel was beside you in an instant. He placed his hand lightly on your left knee worry washed over his face. Castiel grabbed your cereal bowl and lightly took it from your hands setting it down on the counter. He moved quicker then you thought possible as he moved his arm under both your knees and behind your neck. Just as quickly as he grabbed you the kitchen in the bunker disappeared and you were now sitting in Castiel's arms a cool damp breeze bushing your hair a crossed  your face. The bright sun causing you to squint and cling to Castiel's shirt a loud roar filled your ears.
             The two of you were standing beside a large pool of water a waterfall in front of you surrounded by the greenest of trees and grass you had ever seen. As your eyes adjusted to the sunlight your eyes was were filled with the beautiful scenery. "Where are we?" Castiel set you down but kept his arm around your shoulder pulling you against his side the grass cool under your feet. "I thought a change of location might make it easier to talk."
Imagine: part 2 the Hunter and the Angel
The continuation of my first imagine/story I felt brave enough to post enjoy

Just a random opinion

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 10:20 PM
I just got a good idea from the one the only George Carlin; i was watching one of his old stand up acts and I agree with him on this point, churches and religion want to get into the laws and rules the government set up. That's fine if they want to try to get us to change the laws if we can tax them. They shouldn't get a say so in our laws if they don't pay for some of the things around the country. I'm tired of a church trying to tell me what i can and cant do for my body. Don't get me wrong i don't ever want to get an abortion but i think I have the right to have the option. I'm not saying i hate Religion I am just so tired of all these Churches forcing there views on us women, I say if they keep doing it Tax them!

I'm tired of the churches tell me that being gay is wrong, I am a bi girl and I'm happy being that. i refuse to let some church tell me that I am going to hell just because i was born liking both men and woman. I refuse to let the church tell me what i can and cant enjoy, I have had church officials tell me I'm going to hell because I enjoy vampires, witches and ghost; books, movies and art. I enjoy the Harry Potter books/movies I enjoy Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I enjoy a lot of things like that and i don't know why liking something as harmless as say the Harry Potter books will send me to hell. So if I'm going to hell then I am going to hell i refuse to stop reading/watching things that i enjoy and don't harm anyone.

Some churches also say that Rock and Metal music is the devil music and Video games are corrupting the youth. Well I'm a gamer girl and I love Rock music, sometimes i listen to my music while playing my games; especially when I'm mining minerals in ME2 lol. Don't even get me started on the whole Dungeons and Dragons problem. Playing DnD doesn't make me worship other God's/Goddesses Just because my Character worships lets say Hera doesn't mean I do! Come on churches stop attacking everything we enjoy and you might get more people to believe in you. There I think i got everything out

I know this is a random Journal but i just wanted to put my thoughts into words and maybe get someone else opinion.

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Matsushita Yuya Stamp by Vexic929
Knight   Rider Stamp by poserfan Trans Am Stamp by GuitarInk
DRRRRRRRR by kyouyaplz Shizuo Heiwajima 15 by shizu1plz
Stamp: Pottermore Slytherin by Shinexa Snapeist Stamp by RainaAstaldo i supported snape by samuraiIV Severus Snape by DarkShad00w
Wall-E by Superfreak330
HOUSE M.D. Stamp by Philosophical-Art
::Albert Wesker - stamp:: by Claire-Wesker1 :::Wesker Fan::: stamp by Claire-Wesker1
P3P: OT3 Stamp by whitenoize :thumb276592974:
GW: Zechsy Stamp by Twilight-Deviant
The Walking Dead - Shut up. by XionStamps

Favourite genre of music: mainly rock, but I'll listen to just about anything
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs bunny gotta stick with the classics
Personal Quote: Ask batman and you shall recive

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