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    It was a nice Wednesday evening and the Winchesters, Cas, and yourself decided to unwind with some drinking so you all went down to a local bar. You had taken a table close to the pool tables which was a normal habit, you had ordered a few shots of whiskey drinking them down quickly and then you moved on to stealing Dean's beers when he wasn't looking. Earning you growls and glares from him and laughs from Sam. You had lived with the boys in the bunker for about 6 months now, you had been a hunter since you could remember your family killed by a demon when you were just 8 years old. A lone hunter found you and decided to take you in you only knew her as Beck she trained you as best as she could. She was killed a year ago and you continued to hunt by yourself until you were working a witch case and the Winchesters showed up. They took a liking to you as you saved Dean from a curse with your knowledge of herbs and decided to offer you a place to crash for awhile.
     You enjoyed drinking with the boys and they treated you like a little sister. Dean always loved bringing you to the bar because you helped distract the men he was trying to hustle at pool. Tonight seemed like no different except you had drank a little more then normal and you were already feeling the effects after your shots but you just couldn't stop you wanted to drown the feelings that had been rising in you these last few weeks. You hated to admit it but you had fallen hard for the angel that was seated at the table next to Sam, you leaned against the pool table drinking your third stolen beer just watching the angel his eyes were scanning the room people watching. You had a crush on him the minute you met him at the bunker the first time but the more you got to know him the more your feelings grew until all you could think about when you weren't hunting was Cas.
    Cas never seemed to notice your stares or how You avoided his gaze when ever he looked toward you and the boys seemed just as clueless until that Wednesday night. The following morning You woke up with a bad hangover it wasn't the worst one You had ever had but it was in the top 5 you crawled out of bed and headed straight for the kitchen you needed to get something to eat and some pain pills. Dean was cooking what smelled like bacon and Sam was already sitting at the table reading the newspaper. "Mornin'" you groaned as you walked over to the cabinet that held the headache meds "morning kiddo how did you sleep?" Dean didn't look up from the stove You grabbed a glass and filled it with water taking the pills "when did we get back?"
    "You don't remember?" Dean's voice seemed a little too happy for your liking "I think I drank a little too much last night." You groaned Sam turned the paper causing it to crinkle and rip right through your throbbing head. "Oh so your going with the I drank too much defense." Dean chuckled You grabbed a piece of bacon from the plate beside the stove "and what is that supposed to mean?!" Dean places the last few pieces of bacon on the plate before turning towards you "I have never seen you act like that"
      "Like what?!" You were starting to panic now did you get into a bar fight did you try to go home with some random guy? All these scenarios and more were going through your mind Dean turned to Sam "do you think we should tell her?" Sam set his newspaper down "don't pick on her Dean just tell her." Dean turned back to you "well what is the last thing you remember?" You thought back "I was leaning against the pool table drinking and you were playing. Sam and Castiel were sitting at the table. That's the last thing I remember."
    Dean started to shake with laughter, you turned to Sam "what happened last night Sam?" Sam motioned towards the chair a crossed from him, you walked over with your remaining glass of water and sat down. Sam took a breath, looking directly Into your [e/c] eyes "[y/n] you really don't remember anything after that second game of pool?" All of a sudden Sam's voice seemed a hell of a lot louder then normal, you moved your head into your free hand against the table keeping the now burning bright light from your eyes, your panic had seemed to worsen Your hangover bringing it up to one of your top three "If I could remember I wouldn't have asked" you growled out "well you sort of sat on Cas's lap and kept whispering things into his ear."
    You jerked your head up and glared at Sam "I didn't!?" Dean was trying to hold back his laughs as they started anew "yeah you must have been saying some weird things because his face was red. The minute you stood from his lap you walked..." Dean shook his head "she sauntered shaking her hips as hard as she could. Don't keep that out!" Sam let out a small sigh "well when you got to the bar Cas disappeared without a word." Dean had sat down beside Sam his head falling into his arms on the table laughing so hard the table shook "oh god" you groaned, you were drinking to drown the feelings not let them show to everyone.
    The warm water brought you out of your thoughts as it touched the fresh claw marks on your back causing you to hiss in pain. You and the boys had just finished off a nest of vampires, blood dried in your [y/h/c] [h/l] hair. This case had been hard even with having three of you there, the nest had at least 10 vamps. Dean rushed headlong in like normal and you had to rush in to save him from the alpha vampire earning you a few long claw marks on your back. you ignored the marks trying to hide them from the boys you hated for them to treat you like a weak little girl you were [y/a] dammit and you could take care of yourself. They weren't deep but they stung like a bitch especially when the warm water touched it.
      It was hard for you to pull yourself from the warm water but you knew the boys would want their turn and if you stayed in there any longer no one would have hot water. You turned off the water and climbed out of the shower taking the dark blue towel you had sitting on the sink and started to dry off avoiding your back at all costs. "If only Cas was here he could heal this." You grumbled, the angel still hadn't showed up since Wednesday after your little drunk fiasco. You still couldn't believe you did what the boys said you did, you rubbed the towel hard against your head trying to get most of the water out of your hair when you felt a soft hand touch your wounded back. You turned around quickly bringing your hand with you slapping the figure that stood in front of you. Your hand felt like it had just struck concrete you let out a groan of pain as you brought your hand down to your chest. "I didn't mean to scare you [y/n]" you looked up to see Castiel standing in front of you, his eyes scanning over you. you grabbed the towel off your head and covered your naked form as quickly as you could.
   "Castiel what are...?" You didn't get a chance to finish as Cas brought his hand up against your left cheek "turn around let me heal those wounds" you hesitated but turned around hiding the blush that was forming on your face, Castiel's hands touched your back softly and you could feel the healing power close your wounds. You got ready to turn back around when you felt his hands leave your back but strong arms wrapped around you causing you to freeze. Castiel's hands snaked there way around your waist and he trapped your right hand that still stung from slapping him. He laced his fingers in yours and again the healing power spreads through you and your hand didn't hurt anymore. "There all better" his warm breath was against your left ear causing you to hold your breath.
      Castiel released your hand and wrapped his back around your waist "we need to discuss what happened the other night [y/n]" he whispered into your ear causing a cold chill to run down your spin "can I get dressed first?" Your voice coming out in deep gasps "of course" his arms left you and with a small breeze he was gone from the room. You leaned against the sink trying to stay standing as your knees were ready to give way.
       A knock on the bathroom door brought you out of your weakened state "come on [y/n] some of us want to get the vamp blood off of us too." Dean grumbled through the door at you "be right out" it was hard to keep your voice steady. You dressed as quickly as you could and hurried out of the bathroom almost running past Dean who was standing by the door holding clean cloths and a towel in his hand. You went straight to your room your heart beating out of your chest as Castiel's words echoed in your head. You pushed your door open and froze Castiel was sitting on your bed staring at you.
       Your heart felt like it was going to explode as Castiel stood up letting his trench coat fall off his shoulders onto the edge of your bed. He was in front of you before you took another breath he grabbed your right hand and pulled you softly into your room closing the door as he did. "So the things you said when we were out..." You started to panic "I was drunk..." You whispered, Castiel turned around not releasing your hand "you're afraid" you bit your lower lip you hated to even think the word afraid you're a hunter and it had been drilled into you, fear is the enemy. "I am not afraid!" Castiel brought his free hand up to the side of your face "you can't hide it from me [y/n]." You froze as he brought his face down to yours he stared into your eyes, his face inches from yours. In a fluid but hesitant move Castiel brought his lips against yours softly his eyes never leaving yours.
   You were frozen with shock at first, Castiel released your hand and wormed both his hands around your waist. He pulled you against him without your say so your arms wrapped around his back clinging to his suit. The kiss became hard and demanding as you clung to Castiel his eyes closing as the two of you lost yourselves with each other. When you two broke apart you were both out of breath Castiel leaned his forehead against yours "see nothing to be scared of" a small smirk crept on Castiel's face "I'm not scared..." Castiel chuckled "alright hunter keep being brave." You tightened your grip on Castiel's suit jacket "hopefully I haven't stepped over the line with that kiss but the things you said"
    "I don't remember what I said, like I said I was drunk i don't remember much from that night." You slowly pulled yourself from Castiel your hands falling from their grip on his back as you straightened up. You looked up to see the look of rejection and embarrassment on Castiel's face. "I um...I apologize I thought..." He looked away from you so You grabbed both his hands "Cas" he refused to look at you "there is no reason to apologize I don't care what I said while I was drunk I care for you more then I thought possible Cas." Castiel's face jumped up at your declaration "so you do want to be the babysitter to my pizza man?!"
   You had been told the story about Castiel's first time with adult films. And the fact that your drunken self had said that just made you want to crawl into a hole and hide. You couldn't think of a response so you just closed your eyes and gave a soft nod hoping for the best. Castiel grabbed the sides of your face causing your eyes to open he brought his lips down against yours they were rough and demanding so much so that neither of you heard your door open "Well well what have we here?"
Imagine: The Hunter and the Angel
You had just finished a vampire hunt with the boys so you could use a shower Cas hadn't been around in a few days after you had gotten drunk and started flirting with him. You have harbored feelings for the angel since the boys had brought you to the bunker and first met Cas.

This is my first imagine and my firstime me post an story online so please be Nice =^_^=

Just a random opinion

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 10:20 PM
I just got a good idea from the one the only George Carlin; i was watching one of his old stand up acts and I agree with him on this point, churches and religion want to get into the laws and rules the government set up. That's fine if they want to try to get us to change the laws if we can tax them. They shouldn't get a say so in our laws if they don't pay for some of the things around the country. I'm tired of a church trying to tell me what i can and cant do for my body. Don't get me wrong i don't ever want to get an abortion but i think I have the right to have the option. I'm not saying i hate Religion I am just so tired of all these Churches forcing there views on us women, I say if they keep doing it Tax them!

I'm tired of the churches tell me that being gay is wrong, I am a bi girl and I'm happy being that. i refuse to let some church tell me that I am going to hell just because i was born liking both men and woman. I refuse to let the church tell me what i can and cant enjoy, I have had church officials tell me I'm going to hell because I enjoy vampires, witches and ghost; books, movies and art. I enjoy the Harry Potter books/movies I enjoy Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I enjoy a lot of things like that and i don't know why liking something as harmless as say the Harry Potter books will send me to hell. So if I'm going to hell then I am going to hell i refuse to stop reading/watching things that i enjoy and don't harm anyone.

Some churches also say that Rock and Metal music is the devil music and Video games are corrupting the youth. Well I'm a gamer girl and I love Rock music, sometimes i listen to my music while playing my games; especially when I'm mining minerals in ME2 lol. Don't even get me started on the whole Dungeons and Dragons problem. Playing DnD doesn't make me worship other God's/Goddesses Just because my Character worships lets say Hera doesn't mean I do! Come on churches stop attacking everything we enjoy and you might get more people to believe in you. There I think i got everything out

I know this is a random Journal but i just wanted to put my thoughts into words and maybe get someone else opinion.

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