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The Hunter and the Angel
    You glance around the area, your eyes land on a large tree near the waterfall. It's large roots sticking just out of the water you slowly walked over towards it the cool mist of the waterfall just touching your skin. You climbed onto the nearest large root just at the edge of the water and sat down right next to the trunk of the tree your feet touching the top of the water.
        You glanced over to see Castiel walking towards you his eyes never leaving yours. You could feel your face heating up and the urge to hide your face in your hair becoming stronger with each step he took. Castiel placed his foot on the root and started to unlace his shoes. "This place is really beautiful" you whispered as you ducked your head down to look at the almost crystal clear water you could see small fish swimming around and the rocks on the bottom. "Yes sometimes I come here to think. It's quiet and very few humans have even laid their eyes on this plac
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Imagine: part 2 the Hunter and the Angel
            You both turned in the direction of the voice, Dean brought his beer up to his lips as he leaned against your door frame. A strange smirk on his face and a raised eyebrow in your direction. Your voice barely above a whisper as it came out "how long have you been there?"
        Dean chuckled at you as he lowered his beer "long enough" you turned your whole body towards Dean crossing your arms on your chest glaring at him as best as you could with your flustered face, you opened your mouth to start yelling at him for not knocking when large possessive arms wrapped around your waist causing an "eep" to escape your lips which in turn caused Dean to shake with laughter.                      
          "You shouldn't barge into people's rooms Dean" Castiel said flatly with a small touch of annoyance in
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Imagine: The Hunter and the Angel
    It was a nice Wednesday evening and the Winchesters, Cas, and yourself decided to unwind with some drinking so you all went down to a local bar. You had taken a table close to the pool tables which was a normal habit, you had ordered a few shots of whiskey drinking them down quickly and then you moved on to stealing Dean's beers when he wasn't looking. Earning you growls and glares from him and laughs from Sam. You had lived with the boys in the bunker for about 6 months now, you had been a hunter since you could remember your family killed by a demon when you were just 8 years old. A lone hunter found you and decided to take you in you only knew her as Beck she trained you as best as she could. She was killed a year ago and you continued to hunt by yourself until you were working a witch case and the Winchesters showed up. They took a liking to you as you saved Dean from a curse with your knowledge of herbs and decided to offer you a place to crash for awhile.
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My Hogwarts Character by Saka21 My Hogwarts Character :iconsaka21:Saka21 3 55
The Complexity of One's Mind
One's Mind wonders back and forth between the light and the dark. It can not decide which it wants, the darkness embraces one's mind as the light brings forth what the mind wishes to keep hidden. One's mind can never fully make itself up, the mind is like a labyrinth even to the owner. How can anyone be sure of what they think they thought was truly a part of their mind or the fact it was their mind thinking it up by itself. The really confusing part is that we can never be truly sure about anything especially about our own mind. So the next time you think about something ask yourself where did that thought come from truly
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The Contract by Saka21
Mature content
The Contract :iconsaka21:Saka21 2 3
Demon Butler Sebastian by Saka21 Demon Butler Sebastian :iconsaka21:Saka21 5 8


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Just a random opinion

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 10:20 PM
I just got a good idea from the one the only George Carlin; i was watching one of his old stand up acts and I agree with him on this point, churches and religion want to get into the laws and rules the government set up. That's fine if they want to try to get us to change the laws if we can tax them. They shouldn't get a say so in our laws if they don't pay for some of the things around the country. I'm tired of a church trying to tell me what i can and cant do for my body. Don't get me wrong i don't ever want to get an abortion but i think I have the right to have the option. I'm not saying i hate Religion I am just so tired of all these Churches forcing there views on us women, I say if they keep doing it Tax them!

I'm tired of the churches tell me that being gay is wrong, I am a bi girl and I'm happy being that. i refuse to let some church tell me that I am going to hell just because i was born liking both men and woman. I refuse to let the church tell me what i can and cant enjoy, I have had church officials tell me I'm going to hell because I enjoy vampires, witches and ghost; books, movies and art. I enjoy the Harry Potter books/movies I enjoy Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I enjoy a lot of things like that and i don't know why liking something as harmless as say the Harry Potter books will send me to hell. So if I'm going to hell then I am going to hell i refuse to stop reading/watching things that i enjoy and don't harm anyone.

Some churches also say that Rock and Metal music is the devil music and Video games are corrupting the youth. Well I'm a gamer girl and I love Rock music, sometimes i listen to my music while playing my games; especially when I'm mining minerals in ME2 lol. Don't even get me started on the whole Dungeons and Dragons problem. Playing DnD doesn't make me worship other God's/Goddesses Just because my Character worships lets say Hera doesn't mean I do! Come on churches stop attacking everything we enjoy and you might get more people to believe in you. There I think i got everything out

I know this is a random Journal but i just wanted to put my thoughts into words and maybe get someone else opinion.

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